A Galley of AI Generated Images

Hover over each image to see the text prompt which was used to generate the image.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa in low poly
Picture of a cat in the style of Banksy
Still Life Origami
Still life of fish with lemons in origami.
White Rabbit
A white rabbit in the style of Beatrix Potter.
Marble Cat
A marble statue of a cat wearing a hat.
Sunset on Jupiter
A sunset on Jupiter in the style of Japanese anime.
Moon over a lake with trees in the background anime style.
A symmetric arrangement of crystals and coins inspired by art deco
Two horses in a stable in the style of Claude Monet.
An emerald and diamond bracelet from the 1920`s.
A picture of a dog in the style of Clash of Clans.
A picture of a cat in the style of Clash of Cland.
The Great Wave
The Great Wave in the style of pop art.
Coconut Armchair
A coconut arm chair.
New York Skyline
The New York skyline made of wooden blocks.
Pineapple Sofa
Pineapple sofa.
Dog Barking
Dog barking at a squirrel in a tree in the style of Henri Rosseau.
Two kittens playing in the grass in the style of Monet.
Lion and Jewels
A table with loose gemstones with a lion in the background; hyper realistic.
Two chipmunks
Two chipmunks having a conversation.
A poster to save elephants in the style of Alfred Mucha.
Save the tigers
A poster to save tigers in the style of Art Nouveau.
A giant octopus emerging from the ocean Japanese wood block.
A 3D render of a donut with sprinkles on it; hyper realistic.